Some key features of the application

Easy to Control

MWRemote Widget is the QUICKEST and EASIEST way to REMOTE your Mac OS X. Whenever you want to control your Mac , it's always just one swipe away.


MWRemote Widget supports Applescript. That's why you can use your creativity to create any actions/ tasks which you want to control your Mac with AppleScript !!!

Clipboard Sharing

Quickly share a phone number or piece of text between your Mac and iOS device. You just need to copy and paste from the Notification Center using Clipboard Sharing.

Bluetooth Tracking

This is a feature that help your Mac sleeps and does others tasks automatically when you are away, are nearby. specially, on iOS, you don’t need to run app in background all time.


Once you enable notification function, the application will notify to your iPhone when your Mac sleeps, wakes up, gets high temperature, gets low battery and so on.


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