How to connect to a static IP (Why is my iPhone not able to connect to Mac)?

Fist of all, Please make sure that you have launched “MWRemote helper” on you Mac and iPhone and Mac connected to same Wi-Fi. still not connect? let’s try “Static IP”.

1, Obtain your Mac IP address. On your Mac, go to System Preferences ->network

if  your Mac connects via Ethernet



Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 10.03.13 AM


if your Mac connect via wifi

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.36.15 AM


Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.36.51 AM

2, On your iPhone App, go to “connection”  -> tap “Connect to a static IP” -> Enter IP address above.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Sep 5, 2015, 12.24.54 PM


How to add an Applescript action?

If you want to remote an Mac application from your iPhone, you can use Applescript function.

example: we add Applescript to control VLC app.

1, Google with keyword “Applescript for VLC”, then we find this code

tell application "VLC" to play

this code allow us to play/pause track.


2, Add Applescript to iPhone app. go to Apple Script -> + , paste code then tap “done”

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Sep 5, 2015, 12.49.43 PM

With Applescript, you can create thousands of actions to control your Mac.

How to active notification?

Once enable notification function, the app will notify to iPhone when your Mac sleeps, wakes up, gets high temperature, low battery…To active notification:

1, Make sure that you’ve already enabled  notification on your iPhone. go to Setting -> Notifications ->MWRemote


2, On your Mac, set up “MWRemote helper” app
a, Notify to device(s): select devices which you want to receive notification.

b, Notify when: select options that you want to receive on your iPhone.

c, Notify when away from Mac only: This means that you only receive notifications when you are aways from Mac. So you won’t be bothered by unsolicited notifications.

How to enable bluetooth tracking?

“Bluetooth tracking” is a feature that help your Mac auto sleep and do others tasks  when you are away or when you are nearby. specially, on iOS, you don’t need to run app in background all time. to enable this function:

1, Make sure that you’ve already activated bluetooth on iPhone.

2, on Mac, go to Bluetooth device ->change device, then select your iPhone. If your device has not paired yet, you have to pair your device first.

Option: a, Monitoring interval: the time interval that your Mac scan your iPhone. If  you want to disable “bluetooth tracking”, please select “Off”.

b, When iPhone’s away from Mac: select the task that your Mac will execute when you are away.

c, When iPhone’s nearby: select the task that your Mac will execute when you are nearby.

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 2.16.45 PM